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    been, as you say, a better and happier thing for my brother if he

    you, with Miss Wickfield She is a very superior young lady, of very

    Murdstone, in a black velvet gown, that looks as if it had been

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    shock in this unexpected and cold reply But turning quickly upon

    into adversity, and was leaving Dover for good, but had quite

    sure, ain’t we, my sweet child?’ replied that morsel of a woman,

    that she was never drowned, but died triumphantly in bed, at

    thinking this, and wondering what would ultimately become of my

    informing that lady that she smelt of my brandy, and that she

    He spoke in a low voice that sounded almost strange to Me

    loveliness again It haunted me when I got home I seemed to have

    had rung three or four times that we could prevail on Mrs Crupp

    and of its being ready for me at night, and of her hoping I would

    breakfast-cloth, and a great-coat, made him a bed and covering,

    know why one slight set of impressions should be more

    every night, and to be violently scolded by his wife every morning

    Steerforth not yet appearing, which induced me to apprehend

    think of’

    raising his eyes from the ground When we, at last, reached our

    ‘Forced upon him, Agnes! Who forces it upon him?’

    What can I do? She doen’t ought to know any such, but I can’t

    I replied that I should have known her, anywhere Which was

    the purpose at a vast expense, I went to Miss Mills’s, fraught with


    danger of bursting

    young fellow—a tinker, I suppose, from his wallet and brazier—


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